ARTSY Beta Testing Instructions

The time has come for our open Beta testing to begin! This stage is meant to test all of the core mechanic implementations we have added to the platform over the last month.

Please follow the steps below to set up Mumbai Testnet on Metamask, claim your test tokens, and begin testing.

Setting up Mumbai Testnet for MetaMask:

  1. Go to MetaMask and click on the Network Tab

2. At the bottom click Custom RPC

3. Fill in the Fields with the following information:

Network Name: Mumbai Testnet
Chain ID: 80001
Currency Symbol: MATIC

4. Click save and head over to the faucet to get some testnet MATIC:

5. Do this a few times in order to ensure you have enough test MATIC for beta testing as it only gives you 0.1 MATIC.

Claiming ARTSY Test Tokens:

  1. Head to and navigate to Claim Test Tokens on the left menu.

2. Once there, click the Claim button and you will be prompted with (8) MetaMask approval screens. This will give you:
(2) test LP tokens
(2) test SaS tokens
(2) test NFT tokens
(1) test USDC token
and the last prompt will approve spending of the test USDC token (for boosts).

3. Add the following token addresses to your MetaMask

Mock LP 1 - 0xAC90285fa79b6716f40BC4DDB661d0748Edc8028
Mock LP 2 - 0xC1181bb2644eDd9F002EfE2A70240ACa21dB75A6
Mock SaS 1- 0xE9C588514570A04203bE10292467AfE5963Db702
Mock SaS 2 - 0x38aF4d388a4BF67d5172b98000c4BE1CDda26fe6
Mock NFT 1 - 0x8b5f2afE15a4A163C604D35a42204e5b2F05E6c6
Mock NFT 2 - 0xaA0088bF6152896299bDFe70e5F9170d22f71576
Mock USDC - 0x2296089E70F1EC92a00a099955DeDAF6bB0063dD

Begin Testing

The beginning of testing will be announced on our Discord and Telegram along with the address of the (ART) token.

If you find any bugs or have any feedback, there is a section in Discord for bug reporting and a Google Sheets will be set up as well.

The core mechanics that will be tested:

Staking and Farming

  1. Head to the Website and go to LP or SaS staking

2. Unlock your wallet and approve the contract

3. Stake any amount of tokens (1000 will be available for each farm)

4. Purchase boosts from the Details section. Current cost will be set at 2.5 USDC / multiplier %, with a maximum initial boost of 20%.

5. Stake NFT’s on the Project Showcase Page. Your Token ID can be found from the explorer. (More details will be available on Discord and Telegram.)

These are the basic mechanics we will be testing at this time. I know it is a bit complicated, so feel free to ask questions in Discord or Telegram. There may be bugs, so if you run into them please report them! Remember, this is only mock money on a test network, so don’t be afraid to push the limits as much as you want!

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